Chef Open Source Branding

Style Guide

A Logo is Worth a Thousand Words

The Chef logo means a lot of things to a lot of people. It is a seal of quality and a stamp of approval from the company. Therefore it should be used proudly, consistently, and with great meaning.

The Chef logo is always vertical. Even in horizontal layouts, such as banners or headers, the logo remains in the vertical layout. Additionally, the circular logo and the name must always appear together.

Note: The circle graphic by itself can only appear in the top right corner of Chef web sub-properties.

Acceptable Subtitles

There are two options for the messaging under the logo: CHEF.IO or blank. Under no circumstances may something else be displayed in that area.

If you see the logo with something else written beneath Chef, please alert someone on the marketing team immediately.

Alternative Styles

The inverse logo cannot be used on an orange background. If possible, please only use this logo on darker colors. The title must be white and the subtitle must be orange in the inverse logo. An all white logo is acceptable in some situations.

Required Whitespace

Whitespace surrounding the logo must be at least the height and width of the CHEF "CH" in all directions.


In print, the Chef logo must be used at a minimum size of .75" wide with spacing around it equaling at least 1.5".

On web, the Chef logo must be used at a minimum size of 50px wide with spacing around it equaling at least 100px.

Brand Colors

  • HEX: #f18b21
  • RGB: 241 139 33
  • CMYK: 2 54 100 0
  • SASS: $chef-orange
  • HEX: #3f5364
  • RGB: 63 83 100
  • CMYK: 78 60 44 25
  • SASS: $chef-dark-blue
  • HEX: #3897D3
  • RGB: 56 151 211
  • CMYK: 72 28 0 0
  • SASS: $chef-light-blue
  • HEX: #1FB899
  • RGB: 31 184 153
  • CMYK: 74 0 53 0
  • SASS: $chef-green
  • HEX: #fdb714
  • RGB: 253 183 20
  • CMYK: 0 31 99 0
  • SASS: $chef-yellow
  • HEX: #3e4346
  • RGB: 62 67 70
  • CMYK: 71 61 57 43
  • SASS: $chef-dark-grey
  • HEX: #7d868c
  • RGB: 125 134 140
  • CMYK: 54 41 38 4
  • SASS: $chef-grey
  • HEX: #ffffff
  • RGB: 255 255 255
  • CMYK: 0 0 0 0
  • SASS: $chef-white

Font - Headers

Headers for Chef content in print or web will be written in heavy font weight of Gotham (paid) or Raleway (free).

Font - Copy

Copy for Chef content in print and web will be written in either the light font weight of Gotham (paid) or Raleway (free).

Font - Other

Some situations call for alternative fonts. For slide presentations, Chef uses Gill Sans Light. For sub sites, headers are written in Montserrat Bold (free).

About Chef

What is Chef?

Chef is the automation platform for DevOps. Achieve speed, scale and consistency with Chef.

Chef includes the Chef server, the Chef client, and the Chef Development Kit (Chef DK).




Trademarks must be used properly in Chef materials. If a trademark is used improperly, it can weaken the brand, making it generic or unenforceable. Please visit our trademark policy page for a list of the latest Chef trademarks for the Chef brand.

These guidelines are intended for use by Chef licensees, authorized resellers and distributors, and third parties who have received explicit permission to use certain Chef trademarks. No right, license or permission, express or implied, to use Chef trademarks is provided by these guidelines. Further, any uses of Chef trademarks that are not covered by any of the examples in these guidelines requires Chef's express written consent.